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  • About HealthDSA

    HealthDSA is the leading global community for health data science and analytics that helps people connect, collaborate, share, learn, and make a meaningful impact on healthcare.


    VISION: Better healthcare and health outcomes for people everywhere through data science and analytics. HealthDSA's Vision for Healthcare of the 21st Century:



    Effective & efficient

    Augmented (intelligence)

    Less reactive (proactive)

    Transparent & trustworthy

    Holistic & personalized


    Accessible & affordable

    Research & data-driven

    Ethical & fair




    (1) Foster the leading global community for health data science & analytics


    (2) Support the professional development of HealthDSA members


    (3) Promote the adoption & meaningful impact of data science & analytics in healthcare & life sciences


    AREAS OF FOCUS (Core Areas):


    • Healthcare Data Science & Analytics

    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    • Health & Biomedical Informatics

    • Computational Biology

    • Biostatistics & Epidemiology


    HealthDSA is also focused on the intersection between the core areas above and the following related topics:


    • Precision Medicine/Health

    • Clinical & Biomedical Research

    • Digital Health Technology & Innovation

    • Population, Public, & Global Health

    • Health Policy & Economics

  • Leadership

    Advisory Board - Founding Members


    The Advisory Board consists of leading professionals with healthcare, research, data, and/or technology expertise from across academia, industry, and public sectors. Members of the Advisory Board guide HealthDSA in its vision, mission, strategy, direction, and initiatives.

    Bob Angell, PhD

    Founder, CoMorbus / Applied Data Sciences

    Amy Bedingfield, RN, BSN

    Vice President, Population Health Solutions, i2i Population Health

    David Carnahan, MD, MS

    Healthcare Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services

    Uli Chettipally, MD, MPH

    Founder & President, InnovatorMD

    T. Scott Clendaniel, MBA

    Chief Data Scientist, Legg Mason

    Olaf Dammann, MD, MS

    Professor & Vice Chair of Public Health & Community Medicine, Tufts University

    Ruchi Dass, BDS

    Founder & Managing Director, HealthCursor Consulting Group

    Bill Fricke, MBA, MS

    Sr. Principal Solution Architect, Healthcare AI Solutions & Services, Nuance

    Igor Korolev, DO, PhD

    Founder, HealthDSA

    David Kresin, MD

    Primary Care Physician

    Hongfang Liu, PhD, MS

    Professor of Biomedical Informatics & Division Chair, Digital Health Sciences, Mayo Clinic

    Alberto Llanes, PhD, MS

    IT Strategy & Planning Director, National Government Services

    Yves Lussier, MD

    Professor of Medicine, Associate VP for Information Sciences, & Director, Center for Biomedical Informatics & Biostatistics, University of Arizona

    Subha Madhavan, PhD, MS

    Chief Data Scientist & Director, Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics; Associate Professor of Oncology, Georgetown University

    Piyush Mathur, MBBS

    Quality Improvement Officer & Anesthesiologist, Cleveland Clinic; Founder, BrainX Community

    T. Greg McKelvey Jr. MD, MPH

    Vice President of Health, ASAPP

    Gretchen Navidi, MS

    Scientific Program Manager, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

    Freddy Nguyen, MD, PhD

    Founder & Past President, American Physician Scientists Association; Physician, Mount Sinai Hospital; Research Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Co-Director, MIT Hacking Medicine

    Lonny Northrup, MBA

    Sr. Health Informaticist, Intermountain Healthcare

    Peter Van Ooijen, PhD, MSc

    Associate Professor & Coordinator, Machine Learning Lab, University Medical Center Groningen

    Miguel Paredes, PhD

    Vice President, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, & Behavioral Science, Rimac Seguros y Reaseguros

    Irma Rastegayeva, MSc, MSEM

    Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Catalyst, eViRa Health; SVP of Marketing & Strategic Engagement, American College of Healthcare Trustees

    Sandeep Reddy, MBBS, PhD

    Health Informatician, Associate Professor, & Director of Healthcare MBA Program, Deakin University

    Norberto Sanchez, MBA, MHA

    Business Intelligence Analyst & Data Scientist, U.S. Army Regional Health Command - Pacific

    Abhivyakti Sawarkar, MD, MMSc

    Physician & Biomedical Informatician

    Monica Schmidt, PhD, MPH

    Sr. Data Scientist, Cone Health

    Karandeep Singh, MD, MMSc

    Assistant Professor of Learning Health Sciences, Internal Medicine, Urology, & Information, University of Michigan

    Abbas Shojaee, MD

    Research Faculty in Health Data Science, Yale University School of Medicine

    Jordan Silberman, MD, PhD

    Head of Clinical Programs & Outcomes Research, Vida Health

    Margarita Sordo, PhD, MSc

    Sr. Medical Informatics Scientist, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Massachusetts General Hospital

    John Zaleski, PhD, MS

    Head of Clinical Informatics, Capsule Technologies

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